Senior Care Planning

The High Cost of Living to a Ripe Old Age

The benefit of today’s medical science is that we are living much, much longer lives than most people have resources for; they are stretching their retirement dollars for years beyond what they planned.  2016 research shows 70% of all adults age 65 and older will require extended care at some point. (1) 

There are many reasons for the financial strain though one of the biggest is for/ due to health-related expenses. No one plans for a life-altering health condition.  Though once it presents itself, you and your family will require outside care services, short-term or perhaps long-term. The costs for in-home care can add up quickly. We are sure you have heard the adage, “The person who writes the check, makes the decisions.”  The check writer will determine how to allocate the resources and have a plan in place to implement should /when the need arises.  This is precisely the strategy astute business owners follow in their companies.

We work with experienced professionals that strive to save you time, energy, money and, yes, pain, as you navigate your way down an arduous path. Accurate information is your greatest ally. That includes in-depth understanding and knowledge about the disease you’re dealing with, patterns, characteristics, behaviors and how to manage it all.

We may provide all the help you need with one trusted entity and our vetted network, a single point of contact for the universe of services: individual and family counseling, placement (knowing when it’s time to relocate your loved one to a care facility and how to streamline the process), tried-and-true care methods, links, guidelines and invaluable tips, for both the diagnosed and the caregiver.


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